-San Miguel de Tucuman-


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The Casa de Tucumán is a historic building and museum located in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, built during the colonial times. Address: T4000IEC, Congreso 141, Phone: +54 381 431-0826


Miguel Lillo Museum of Natural Sciences, Explore an open garden museum dedicated to the science of plants and animals at Museo Miguel Lillo De Ciencias Naturales.

Historical Museum of the Province Presidente Nicolás Avellaneda so-called Casa Avellaneda, Congress 56, which was built between 1836-1837, for the residence of the then Governor and powerful landowner José Manuel Silva, maternal grandfather of who would later be President of the Nation, Nicolás Avellaneda.

Museum of the Sugar Industry gathers spaces where to play and to rest in the open air, gardens like the floral clock, confectionery where to take something, a tennis club, the local race track and between them , The Museum of the Sugar Industry. Address: Parque 9 de Julio, Tucuman. Phone: +54 381 452-2332